Issue 1, Feature 2: Mari Mori

Last friday, I met Mayako, who wrote the article about Mari Mori, at Shimokitazawa where it's actually midway from where we both live, and also by coincidence, just happens to be the place where Mori lived and wrote her novels. Mari Mori, daughter of literary giant Ogai Mori, is known for her radical pursuit of beauty with keen insight as to what is truly beautiful (luxurious poverty) and what is just fake and pretense (poor luxury). Mayako and I decided o make the most of our meeting, by visiting Jashomon , the cafe which opened 40 years ago where Mori almost lived in, writing her novels in her own "reserved" seat day after day, drinking coffee (Mari Mori Special Blend) and eating French bread with butter she kept in the fridge of the cafe. It's a very local cafe with almost all people but us in their 60's or 70's, quietly enjoying their coffee and the moment. Really kitsche and crazy interior decoration, too, we both had to sit silently and look around for at least 30 minutes until we felt we had taken it all in and comfortable to start talking about other things. What an amazing afternoon that was.
Mori's "reserved" seat by the window
"To Dream, It's My Life" Mari Mori

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