Astier de Villatte exhibit

SCHOOL is edited in a town called Kichijyoji, where, I like to say, is like Brooklyn as opposed to Manhattan in NYC. I both work and live here and try to avoid going into "the city" (Shibuya, Aoyama, Nakameguro area) as much as possible.....I mean, it's just too much people, and as Michiko Kitamura told me in her interview, the city's sewage system is totally screwed up so it really stinks (especially Shibuya). But this weekend I had some stuff to pick up in "the city" so I decided to make the most of my outing by taking a walk around. And I came across this really interesting art exhibit of French ceramics/pottery duo Astier de Villatte whose white plates and cups are beautiful, a mix of 19th century elegance , rustic feel, and modern edge. It was at the gallery of french antique/interior shop HP Deco .
The usual products of Astier de Villatte look like this:

But for the exhibit, they had made various art objects in ceramics such as literary classic book of their inspiration:

There were other stuff like re-creation of their breakfast, garbage, etc. Sort of like casual and fun Charles Kraft?! Very nice.

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