Issue 1, Feature 5: Toshio Saeki showcase

Toshi Saeki is a cult fantasy artist of Japan, active since the 60's within/outside the avant-garde scene, known for his daydream imaginative world full of eroticism, vivid colors, and quirky humor. He is also know for his unique style of creating art using method that is similar to the traditional Ukiyoe (17C Japanese art). So the content of his work is universal and transcends time, but his approach is very traditional.
I've had the great opportunity to visit his studio/house in the mountains outside Tokyo. Despite that fact that he is such a genius and has such respectable career as artist, he welcomed us with politeness, modesty, and open-mind.
The season was early spring and the studio was brightened up with an ikebana of wild flowers and leaves picked from the mountains. I complimented on how subtly beautiful they were to his wife, assuming she had done them, but she said, "They're all done by Saeki, he likes to do such things."

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