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SCHOOL is a printed matter dedicated to reporting about the lives of women, especially Japanese women in general, and also art, culture, society, and history of Japan. SCHOOL plans to deliver interviews and writings about women who are either leading, has lead, or aspire to lead lives full of creativity and energy without giving up on their search for individuality and inner peace. The subjects are wide, from established professional artists chosen from the past and present, to aspiring creators and typical working women in Tokyo. But all of them share the spirit of a rebel whose intentions are sincere and honest. At the same time, SCHOOL sheds light on different themes, events, and aspects of Japan that the editor feels is worthwhile; but often overlooked or not deeply researched and covered by the overseas media. Overall, the aim of SCHOOL is to inform the unknown, inspire, and to cross all boundaries to think together: Where are we heading? How should we live?

No.2 Featuring:
Minako Yoshida (musician), Henrikku Morisaki Terayama (artist), Michiko Kitamura (costume designer/fashion stylist), Chieko Hosokawa (shojo-manga artist), Toshio Saeki (artist), Chikashi Suzuki (photographer) Midori Osaki (novelist), Goddess Worship 2, Interwar Japanese Popular Women’s Magazines, Creative Open Space in Kouenji Tokyo, Brooklyn Zen Center, India-Tokyo Organic Cotton Business, Immigrant Youths in Japan, "Tokyo Girl Depression Diary 2," The Back Trails of Japan.

size:27cm x 18cm (10.6 inches x 7 inches), number of pages: 32p, binding: white thread singer sewn, language:English, label :TINY PERSON, edited and published in Tokyo

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