Yuichi Yokoyama's "Fashion and Closed Room" overseas book launch

I will also be bringing Yuichi Yokoyama's new " Fashion and Closed Room" (published by 888 books) with me to
New York Art Book Fair.  This will be the overseas launch for this book as well.
Again, if you would like to reserve the limited copies available at the fair, please e-mail me.

Large-size manga picture art book!
Cover folds out to become a poster!
Strong minimum expression depicting life, powerful onomatopoeia boldly positioned, flow of time depicted minutely frame to frame…these are characteristics of Yuichi Yokoyama: “neo-mangaka”/artist that has a distinctive style of manga expression.
This book collects his works created from 2014 to 2015. Works such as the renewal campaign and the window display of the Hermes shop within Shinjuku Isetan Department Store, and those inspired from masterpieces of contemporary art, and projection mapping, etc. which were exhibited in museums all over are collected into this book in dynamic size. This is the first time Yokoyama’s manga is published in this size.

  • Title: Fashion and Closed Room
  • Author: Yuichi Yokoyama
  • Language:  Japanese
  • Hard cover
  • Size: 354mm x 267 mm
  • B&W and Color
  • 56 pages
  • Publisher: 888books

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