Back from NYC

Back from NYC and the Printed Matter book fair. Have been jet-lagged and down with a cold but the weather is super nice Autumn crispy outside, and I'm feeling better and back to normal.
So we were able to release the 1st issue of SCHOOL! It was flown straight out from our Hong Kong printer so we had no choice but to cross our fingers and pray, but thank gaud, we saw the box waiting for us at the Presspop table when we got there on Oct.1st. Check 1. the red thread singer sewn.....GOOD. Check 2. the color of the photographs and art.....GOOD.....phew.
The night before, I was having nightmares that the magazines had not arrived, or the printing job was a total disaster, or that noone would take interest and the mags would be laying on the floor, stomped over......BUT they had arrived, and looking quite nice, and people who stopped by the booth actually seemed to care about them!
We met some amazing group of people who asked questions, picked up copies, and offered us words of encouragement.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU to each and everyone of you.

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